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Italymultistore has chosen PayPal as a payment method to grant maximum security to his Customers.

How to pay: 

1) After creating a PayPal account, just insert username and password.

2) If You do not own a PayPal account, insert the information required and proceed to the payment.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the fast, trustworthy and innovative method to pay and get paid. With a few clicks, you can purchase in the most exclusive shops in Italia and in the World. When paying with PayPal, You just need to insert e-mail address and password. All without sharing your financial info with the seller.

PayPal' s warranty

PayPal protects privacy and both financial and personal information with advanced cryptography systems.
PayPal tutela la privacy e protegge le tue informazioni finanziarie e personali con avanzati sistemi di crittografia automatica.

Bank Transfer 

You can choose to pay Your purchases with a bank transfer. Create Your order, and then proceed to the transfer within 5 working days since confirming the order.

Credit and Debit Cards 

You can also pay Your purchases with credit or debit cards without paying any extra fee.

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